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Hi My Name Is…

Fast forward 40 years in time, our country is in the worst financial pinch since the great recession of 2008, there is turmoil both domestic and foreign, and global conflict has led to a national sense of extreme pessimism. The country, hanging on by a thread eagerly awaits the presidential address. As the future of … Continue reading

Seattle’s Year In Review (#1 in the world)

As we approach the end of the year, we plan parties, hope to find New Year’s kisses, and pre-emptively violate our resolutions. We gather to watch a ball-drop three hours early, cheer when it does, and everyone gets a shot of nostalgia from “Auld Lang Syne” spontaneously performed by the fifty-something who had has one … Continue reading

The Year in Fantasy Football

I equate Week 17 of the NFL season to the first half hour of I Am Legend, The Will Smith vehicle. A stoic and poised Smith walks around a desolate and deserted city, searching to find if there is anyone “like him”.  Week 17 is that empty city. It’s dead. Every league that has a … Continue reading

The Fountain of Youth

WARNING: This article contains SCIENCE. In the 16th century, a conquistador named Juan Ponce de León searched in vain for a watery spring on an island off the coast of Florida that would supposedly restore youth and vitality to even the most frail that drank from it. Based on my vast experience with my mother women, I … Continue reading

Spinning the Great Wheel

I boarded the Great Wheel with two of my other friends. After a half hour walk, $15 ticket and 45 minute wait full of teen girls taking selfies and tourists capturing literally everything, we finally got to see what this whopper of a metal wheel was all about . When I first heard about Seattle’s … Continue reading

The Seattle Mariners and The Day Jake Vacuumed

“When are the Mariners going to pony up and do what it takes to win? These owners worry more about lining their pockets than putting a winning team on the field! My 9 year old son could hit better than half these Mariners!” Stop me if you’ve heard any of this same tired drag your … Continue reading

Droning On…

In elementary school, shortly after being introduced to “Ocean’s Eleven”, I put on my George Clooney hat and began to develop a fool-proof plan to steal my neighbor’s scooter. This was the era when the Razor Scooter was worth its weight in gold to young children, and I was dying to have one. Unfortunately, my … Continue reading

The Seahawks Aren’t Great, Just Awesome

Seven years ago was the last time that Seattle got to see what a great team looks like. The Super Bowl XL team that rocked Qwest Field that year was a classically efficient West Coast offense team led by NFL MVP Shaun Alexander and his 28 touchdowns and a defense that was fine tuned to … Continue reading


Half-ChristmasJune 25th, 2013
Get your Kegnogg ready!