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Terrence Ross is Dunking Over the Internet

Terrence Ross is just as much of an alumnus of the University of Washington as I am, but we love him like our native son all the same. The hyper athletic swingman from Portland, Oregon was selected #8 overall in last summer’s NBA Draft by the woefully terrible Toronto Raptors where he was unquestionably the best dressed man there. Ross is averaging 6.8ppg in just a shade over 17 minutes of action a night, but has developed into a fan favorite of those in Toronto that aren’t currently googling what Celine Dion is up to. A quick perusal of Toronto Raptors fan boards shows that those in T-Dot love Terrence Ross. The biggest set of praise coming from the user HalphBreedBaller who stated:

“Yup there hasn’t been this much excitement over a wing man in Toronto since you know who?”

“You know who?” of course referring to this guy.

Ross has come on strong in his last few games, coming off of his best game as a professional on Saturday where he posted 16 points in just 22 minutes while hitting four three’s in a 123-88 rout of the Orlando Magic. I watched Ross live last season from the Dawg Pack, and it truly appeared that when he tried he could do whatever he wanted. That certainly will not be the case when he is going up against LeBron instead of Brock Motum, but the ceiling for Ross is enormous and it is starting to show in Toronto.

Terrence also loves to dunk the hell out of the basketball. Ross was known as a high flyer in high school, threw down plenty in his career at U-Dub, and is now doing it on an almost nightly basis in the NBA. So I took it upon myself to compile as many examples of T-Ross (who I at one point tried to nickname “The Nylon Don”) obliterating the hoop. Enjoy.

This little piggy comes from when Ross was a freshman at UW, and when he treated the word “Defense” like I treated homework my senior year of high school.

This may be Ross’ most memorable dunk as a Husky, when he went all “Air Up There” in that game we should have one.

T-Ross’s head was at the rim here a good five feet from the basket for the alley-oop

Terrence goes to Summer League

The night Terrence Ross should have had 1-4 on Sportscenter Top 10

Poor, poor JJ Redick. :26 needs to be sent to someone of the magical ilk that can turn things into GIFs.

This one didn’t even count, but Ross went seamlessly from missing a three, to falling, to making a cut, to exposing Jason Smith to Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary.
The Nylon Don disregards Marshon Brooks’ safety

Ross making me question why I ever had Carlos Delfino on a fantasy basketball team.

Did you ask Santa for a sledgehammer?

There you have it folks. Some are more vicious than others but that is as comprehensive a dunk-collage as you will find for Terrence Ross. #LetRossDunk is a legitimate hashtag out there to get Terrence into the NBA Dunk Contest come Piece of Crap NBA All-Star Weekend. Hopefully those in charge of such matters will put Ross into the field and expose those who don’t know already to the awesomeness that is Terrence Ross.



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