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Slavery in Seattle

Despite the fact that sex trafficking seems like an issue for third world countries, Seattle struggles with this problem more than any other city on the west coast. Due to a lack of awareness, this issue often gets swept under the rug, with limited access to the facts. Jordyn Cline, an anti-sex trafficking advocate, discusses … Continue reading

Bandwagon Activism

Troy Davis, Joseph Kony, Benjaman Kyle, and the Benghazi situation. What do these seemingly incongruent events and people all have in common? You don’t care about them. Don’t worry, neither do I. Now go to Google to try to refresh yourself on something that right now is just a faint memory, tucked away neatly in … Continue reading

The Evergreen State Gets a Little Greener

As goes the political process of our nation, lawmakers do not typically get it right on the first try. Washington’s marijuana initiative was by no means the first attempt at legalization, nor was it the most competent, but the people of Washington were the first population audacious enough to vote it through. The uneducated voter … Continue reading

Hi My Name Is…

Fast forward 40 years in time, our country is in the worst financial pinch since the great recession of 2008, there is turmoil both domestic and foreign, and global conflict has led to a national sense of extreme pessimism. The country, hanging on by a thread eagerly awaits the presidential address. As the future of … Continue reading

Droning On…

In elementary school, shortly after being introduced to “Ocean’s Eleven”, I put on my George Clooney hat and began to develop a fool-proof plan to steal my neighbor’s scooter. This was the era when the Razor Scooter was worth its weight in gold to young children, and I was dying to have one. Unfortunately, my … Continue reading


Half-ChristmasJune 25th, 2013
Get your Kegnogg ready!