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Slavery in Seattle

Despite the fact that sex trafficking seems like an issue for third world countries, Seattle struggles with this problem more than any other city on the west coast. Due to a lack of awareness, this issue often gets swept under the rug, with limited access to the facts. Jordyn Cline, an anti-sex trafficking advocate, discusses … Continue reading

The Evergreen State Gets a Little Greener

As goes the political process of our nation, lawmakers do not typically get it right on the first try. Washington’s marijuana initiative was by no means the first attempt at legalization, nor was it the most competent, but the people of Washington were the first population audacious enough to vote it through. The uneducated voter … Continue reading

Seattle’s Year In Review (#1 in the world)

As we approach the end of the year, we plan parties, hope to find New Year’s kisses, and pre-emptively violate our resolutions. We gather to watch a ball-drop three hours early, cheer when it does, and everyone gets a shot of nostalgia from “Auld Lang Syne” spontaneously performed by the fifty-something who had has one … Continue reading

Spinning the Great Wheel

I boarded the Great Wheel with two of my other friends. After a half hour walk, $15 ticket and 45 minute wait full of teen girls taking selfies and tourists capturing literally everything, we finally got to see what this whopper of a metal wheel was all about . When I first heard about Seattle’s … Continue reading


Half-ChristmasJune 25th, 2013
Get your Kegnogg ready!